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Polish your professional image and excel in the corporate world with proper business etiquette.


The course on Business Etiquettes is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of professional conduct and behavior in a business environment. In today's competitive world, having strong business etiquette skills is crucial for success and building lasting relationships. The course begins by introducing the concept of business etiquette and its significance in the corporate world. Participants will learn about the importance of first impressions, effective communication, and proper body language in various business settings. They will also delve into the essential elements of business etiquette, including dressing appropriately, using proper titles and forms of address, and displaying cultural sensitivity. Throughout the course, participants will explore various scenarios and case studies to understand how business etiquette plays a vital role in networking, building rapport, and creating a positive image. They will gain insights into business dining etiquette, understanding table manners, and conducting successful business meetings. Furthermore, the course will address the use of technology and social media in a professional setting, along with email and telephone etiquette. Participants will discover the art of writing professional emails, handling phone calls professionally, and using social media platforms for networking purposes. By the end of this course, participants will have developed a solid foundation of business etiquette skills that can be applied to various business settings. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager, or a professional aiming to enhance your professional image, this course on Business Etiquettes will provide you with the essential skills needed to succeed in the business world. Join us now and start developing the etiquette skills necessary to create a lasting impression and propel your career forward.

Key Highlights

Master the art of effective communication

Develop confidence and professionalism

Understand cultural differences and global business etiquette

Learn appropriate business attire and grooming

Gain insights into effective networking and building business relationships

What you will learn

Learning Outcome 1

Acquire effective communication skills and develop the ability to express yourself professionally.

Learning Outcome 2

Understand the importance of first impressions and learn how to make a positive impact in business interactions.

Learning Outcome 3

Learn about cultural differences in business etiquette to successfully navigate diverse international settings.

Learning Outcome 4

Master the art of appropriate business attire, grooming, and personal presentation.

Learning Outcome 5

Develop effective networking skills and learn how to build strong relationships for personal and professional growth.


Introduction to the learners

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About the program

Getting started with the program

Instructions to download the certificate

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About the creator

About the creator

edAmplify, your talent crafting partner

At edAmplify, we're dedicated to transforming professional journeys by empowering individuals with essential soft skills. We understand that in today's dynamic work landscape, technical expertise alone is not enough. Our comprehensive eLearning programs are designed to elevate your communication, interpersonal, and personal effectiveness skills. Whether you are aiming to enhance teamwork, leadership, or adaptability, edAmplify is your partner in unlocking your professional excellence.

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