Ways to improve sales review meeting outcomes with your manager.

Most of the sales professionals hate meeting with their bosses because they feel but they only focus on numbers, they don’t understand how exactly the sale happens, and they don’t add any value two the day-to-day activities in closing the deal.

No matter how much you would want to avoid these sales review meetings but they are going to continue as far as you have there in the sales profession.

Let’s look at some of the ways by which you can maximize your outcomes from these sales meetings rather than just focusing on the numbers: –

  1. Driving the meeting– if you do not learn what you are going to talk about or how you are going to navigate through the meeting your manager is going to talk about results. it would be good to spend a few minutes to prepare for what you’re going to be talking about during your sales review meeting, the information you will be to share to make the most out of these meetings.
  • Talking from the strategic standpoint– It would be great to articulate your points in a way that shows your boss that you are well prepared with all the data in place about your deals rather than making it just another status update meeting. It would be great to prepare a quick list of opportunities and deals you are working on and also highlighting some of these challenges You are facing while closing these deals.
  • Lost opportunities– It would be a great opportunity to discuss about some of those lost opportunities with your manager discuss about what went wrong or where did you lose in mapping the clients expectations or you did not have the relevant product or solution  which could have help the customer in achieving their business outcomes. This will help you learn from your boss is experience and help you avoid those mistakes in future.
  • Talking about numbers– this is the most critical part of your review meeting. Your boss would want to understand what is happening with your deals and when these deals will be closed. It would be good to give your boss of you about the total number of deals you are working on, the average ticket size of those deals, the opportunities you have won, and the new opportunities you have created on a weekly basis.

These are some of being important aspects to keep in mind while you are preparing for your sales review meeting.

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