Emotional Intelligence at Work


The Emotional Intelligence at Work course will help you build hands-on skills and confidence, improve your business outcomes by managing your emotions at work, maintain better client relationships and inspire their loyalty towards your organization, through examples from the workplace, case studies, and quizzes.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability of an individual to manage his emotions as well as recognize and influence the emotions of those around him. Researches show that Emotional Intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance and its importance in the workplace has grown drastically over the past few years. An employee who has a high EQ is able to make better relationships with clients, understand them, and make them feel emotionally safe, and inspire loyalty.

This course on Emotional Intelligence at Work shall help you develop the required skills to make better business relationships, inspire customer loyalty and improve business outcomes for your organization, with tips, techniques, and opportunities to enhance your skills in managing your emotions at the workplace.


  • Why Emotional Intelligence is important at work?
  • Conflict Resolution and Relationship Management
  • Overcoming obstacles at work
  • Rapport building and Emotional Awareness


  • Module:1Introduction
  • Module:2 – Emotional Intelligence – Definition, History and Goal
  • Module:3 – Benefits of Emotional Intelligence
  • Module:4 – Social Skills
  • Module:5 – Reducing Anxiety and Stress
  • Module:6 – Conflict Resolution
  • Module:7 – Relationship Management
  • Module:8 – Overcoming obstacles at work
  • Module:9 – Building Rapport
  • Module:10 – Non-verbal Communication
  • Module:11 – Emotional awareness and empathetic accuracy
  • Module:12 – Wrapping Up


  • 12 Modules / 90 minutes
  • Unlimited 6-month access
  • Self-paced learning
  • Live learning support
  • Assured Certificate from edAmplify



  • You will be able to enhance your employability by improving your workplace skills.
  • You will gain the confidence to grow and evolve in the workplace.
  • You will gain that extra edge by acquiring relevant workplace skills.
  • You will be able to widen your perspective on different situations at the workplace.


  • Having an edge over others as a career-oriented professional.
  • Demonstrating the essential workplace skills to succeed in the workplace.
  • Your edAmplify certification is a testament that you have expanded your perspective, refined your skills, and made yourself even more relevant and in-demand.
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